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Central Florida’s Premier
Full Service Law Firm

Specializing in real estate, bankruptcy, foreclosures, short sales, estate planning, probate and more.

Compassionate • Genuine • Honest Representation

When facing any legal issue, it can be difficult to know where to look for answers, especially in these troubling times.

As an attorney with offices centrally located in Clermont,  I offer genuine, compassionate and honest representation to all my clients in Orange, Lake, Sumter, Seminole and Marion County, Florida. With family roots dating back to 1913, I am deeply and personally invested in my community and each of my cases. I strive to build long-term relationships with the people I represent. The moment you walk through my door, you will feel the positive and welcoming nature of my firm and staff. You will soon learn that my staff and I are guided by the famous words of Margaret Mead:

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world … ” — Margaret Mead

These words guide everything we do — we truly believe that by working hard we can change the world, one client at a time.

If you are overwhelmed with debt, facing the foreclosure of your home, needing real estate assistance or general legal help I can help. As your attorney, I will help you explore your opportunities  by providing quality legal services focused on protecting your rights and interests. I am a Clermont bankruptcy attorney offering tailored counsel and advocacy in many practice areas including:

Life and finances are joined at the hip, and can sometimes throw curve balls.   When that happens our firm can step in and give you the relief you need. You do have options, and as a Bankruptcy Law Firm we can help you in understanding them. Debt and creditors will keep harassing until you utilize the very protections that the Florida Courts allow. Call us today for your consultation.

You work hard to build a place for you and your family to call home. Unfortunate events happen like a job loss, medical conditions or anything that causes you to have a decrease in your income. Now you have the banks and mortgage companies trying to foreclose on your home, and you need someone to stand in the gap and offer you legal solutions. Foreclosure Defense Attorney Merideth Nagel has defended the people of our county for years and is ready to offer compassion and choices. We can assist you!

One of the many options available to you in saving your financial and long term credit outlook is in a short sale of your home. This is where we negotiate with  the banks to get them to allow you to sell your home for less than what you owe. Banks tend to negotiate with us as it’s in their best interest financially to settle and move on. When you meet with our Short Sale Attorney your options will be explained.

Whether you are selling or buying a home, having a Real Estate Attorney assisting you can streamline the process. With a standard title company, legal questions you have can not be answered. With a Law firm, if a situation arises regarding legal issues they can be dealt with and answered immediately. Contact us today to schedule your next real estate closing, or to have a real estate contract reviewed.

You work hard to provide for your family. You plan and make preparations to live a long and happy life. One of the things that is vital is making sure that in the event of a passing your family is taken care of. Estate Planning Attorney Merideth Nagel has helped guide her clients for years with wills, trusts, probate services and estate planning. We can help you set up a plan today that will protect and take care of your family.

Your income can change at any time with a job loss, or a downsize at your place of employment. When that happens you need to know what your options are. It is important to deal with a Loan Modification Attorney who knows the law and can assist you in negotiating with the bank to potentially lower your monthly mortgage payment. By contacting us and speaking with our attorney you will have the information you need to make sound decisions about your home.

Divorce, Adoptions, Guardianship, Modifications, Alimony and Visitation Agreements are just some of the areas we can assist you with when dealing with family law. As a compassionate advocate for reconciliation we recognize that often times that option  is not on the table. That is where we can help. “We are aggressive for our clients rights”, yet we also are compassionate, especially where children are involved. Contact us to schedule your consultation today. Our Family Law Attorney is ready today to assist.

As your Clermont lawyer, I will never stop fighting to protect what is most important to you. To schedule an initial consultation, call 352-394-7408 or use our case evaluation form at the top today. We desire to understand your concerns and provide the help you need immediately.

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As a Clermont Law Firm we can “Represent your rights and protect your future.” 

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Serving West Orange County, Lake County, Sumter County & Marion County


    The more I get to know her the more convinced I am that she is the right attorney for me. The compassion and integrity I have seen is quite remarkable and I highly recommend you use her office to service… ~ Kelly,


    Ms. Nagel represented my wife and I in a bankruptcy case and also in a recent real estate transaction. I felt compelled to share our experience. Ms Nagel and all of her staff handled everything in a very professional matter… ~ Mike,


    Merideth Nagel has been a help to me, over the last 10 years, for multiple legal issues! As her client, and as a realtor who utilizes her real estate and title services, Merideth, along with her phenomenal staff, has afforded… ~ Tiki Jackson,


    “If it weren't for Merideth Nagel and her top-notch team of seasoned professionals, I shudder to think where my family would be today. At this firm, you are not a name, a face, a case number, or a quagmire. You… ~ Heather, Clermont


    “Merideth and her team have been a real blessing to me over the years! She helped me with real estate several times and estate planning. I can recommend her with full confidence!” ~ Nancy, Orlando


    “We utilized Nagel Law to assist us with a real estate transaction a little over a year ago. Merideth and her entire staff treated us with the utmost professionalism as well as eased our minds pertaining to this transaction. We… ~ Lynette, Orlando